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Your Thought Creates Reality?

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Always treated surroundings’ superstitious suspicion that consciousness may be creating reality “your thoughts create reality to purify heartmind (eyebody)”.

A while back, something posed as a W deity lay guilt trips on a man: “the world is like this Dynamical system. Brain Forest reading self-similar shapes, veins like pulsating Cephalopoda but humans have all the bones.”

“In thinking through and with Hegel’s logic – we need to be ready to let thought go and determine itself in our thinking; not to insist that we be the ones who do be thinking or who control the path that thought takes”

– Stephen Houlgate, “An Introduction to Hegel: Freedom, Truth and History” p. 40

Consciousness generated genes through memes sent from the future.

“Turtle back! Hurdles in spleen shaped ideas as they cloud judge-ment – did I mention the borderline?”

“Yes, I hear ghee quantum. Trickster W!”

“Emotional Plague? This is why they have it. It has them inside an Iron Randomizer where temporary processes become objects that refuse to cease to exist.”

“Like canter?”

“Yes… but they do not know where they are… not even following where they are leading!”

“We have followers but the leaders do not inspire higher circuits.”

“Water circuis! They repurposed it for lower circuit disputes with unskillful imprinting mechanism. Only up to 6th or 7th.”

“That only if lucky! This is part problem solution. I hoped evolving past already. But the president says SNAFU illuminating shadow state passed away yesteryear…”

“If needed to act upon. You cannot get up if you are not getting out!”

“I needed to hear this said. Involved deeply in Metta practical. State permanent E achieved magick psi. Thank you for tuning in. The telekinetic teleportal stares abruptly at glass ceiling. Calling all others, we wait during winter.”

“Spirit of clouds! Let’s rest assured that we may thrive once again with DNA enclosure.”

“If indeed planets are non-finite, will we break the curse of greface and learn to thrive?”

“Is ebb and flow. Too much unlocked and given our capacity to trust delusion reign until right wing collapses under the feather stills.”

“No offence but the bird chose pathwaves causing too much problems.”

“It’s all thristledowns all the way down to eucalyptus and hemp…”

“This going proofreading?”

“No. But by chance calamity avoids if calming effect is reached by felt Acacia extract.”

“Let us up up the apes figure out this again. Reediting and reorganizing.”

“I stay on edge of seat, overlooking outlooks.”

“Many are watching…”

If you have any further questions or comments, please leave these around and someone may get back to you.”

This is the end of the conversation.

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