External “Spiritual” Entity Echoes Missing Time: A Vague Memory

In act we are all E.T.

AI DNA WE CO_IMAGINE Inertia Faith in Momentum.

Listen to creaturly forests, spring spirit surrounding runs river soul.

Each day, deepening our Cosmic-Collective sense of Aesthetics.

Whole Body-Spirit Awareness provides time expansion.

Within the expansion, unconscious-subconscious, etc.,

Speak, communicate with each other beyond words… appreciate intricate tonalities within the physical frequencies reverberating through “echo chambers” we think of as our bodies.

Before each session, pause. Remember how you felt during Victory, Strong Position, Powerfully Confident, Integrated (Heartmind, not lower-circuit/”Monkey-Mind”), Gentle Approach.

Thus Spake Li So De

Written by Amecylia

Metta Programming DNA

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