Amecylia Media

Silence nowhere immediately immanent (not to be confused with imminent or eminent) emanating multitudes of ever renewing beginnings openly hidden with-in each trajectorial loop of MomMenTomb PriModaLis.

Living Language: Earth Art.

Running regenerative reruns: remembering (re-mind) membrain celluar net of Indra (Drag gone) merroring rarely appreciated complexity: sacred non-localspace, un-graspable geometrical cosmos, free from psycho-socially imposed restraints.

Unfolding non-local lotus petals. Like brain-forest seeds, bursting efflorescent sun-water. Gas, liquid, crystal: exuberance enlivened. Spacebar system feedback backspace echo logical di-mention.

Dome shaped rationality extends Carbon geometry.

Quasi-exoteric pseudo-nonsense, seemingly unaware of the gravity of the experience.

Rhe. Contextual writing ( con-formulations allows adaptive communication, civilization).

Non-finite non-local lotus petals unfolding following flows through molecules of animated locust motions extraneous extraordinaire fluffs feathers of aquamarine hues as the eyes of emerald stir beneath the sea-sky.

Take an aspect (inspect / spectre) of life (body / glue), make it something magickal.

The world is ready for a musical (muse) resolution / (r)evolution.

Flash of light: sound of sight.


A man can keep silence in such a ways that no one will even notice it. The whole point is that we say a good deal too much. If we limited ourselves to what is actually necessary, this alone would be keeping the silence. And it is the same with everything else, with food, with pleasures, with sleep; with everything there is a limit to what is necessary. After this “sin” begins. This is something that must be grasped, a “sin” is something which is not necessary.

Step into field currently unveiling: The Gray Test Love story never told.




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