Being for each being

It would seem as if once upon a dream in a space nowhere, a spark of conscious awareness ignited within the omni-present condensate. Co-emerging and converging paths of liberation - a spiral journey of extremes. Discovering, uncovering and recovering memory streams of labirythmic thought explore nets of inter-penetrating alliances of cellular data in formations perceived … Continue reading Being for each being

Begin NOWhere guided meditation

The following is an instructional introduction to cardiovascular-mind systems optimisation. Skills include relaxing pranayama, softening and breath of fire. Provides purring cat sounds for an esoteric form of heart-based chakra cleansing and balancing practice. In this instructional video, you will be introduced to the art of consciously connecting and training the heart-mind systems. Managing … Continue reading Begin NOWhere guided meditation

Living is not forgetting but forgiving

Humanity needs COMPASSion. In a paradigm of blind leading the blind and leaving each Other behind resulting in unsane ecology and pandemic of pathological psychology. We all need to recover - kindness, connection, warm-presence - heals and fulfils. Life, woven with silken symphonies of love and light - never for getting, always for giving - … Continue reading Living is not forgetting but forgiving