Let Nature be your teacher

Sharing is caring, so I wanted to share this poem with you. It may give us some insight into the matter of our heartmental processes. Everything is interconnected, interrelated, interdependent. As withoutin, so withinout - so let us be mindful of the energy we bring, the tunes that we sing, and the pendulums we swing. … Continue reading Let Nature be your teacher

Love as Exploration of Transformation

Amecylia - InVocation - 2 - Love Exploration TransFormation Deeper inner transformutation is not a trivial adventure, and by easily failing, we are given the opportunity to develop additional layers of humanity Compassion for us entang(o/l)ed fellow daemons, interparticipating in the cutting-edge currents of (dis)similar, different and distinct rEvolutions Roots, deeply embedded in mis(sed)takes nourish … Continue reading Love as Exploration of Transformation