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Cosmic Woo Guided BS Meditation Guided Meditation - 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. 0. Relax. Start letting go. Sit in the satori position. Relax your human. Relax it. Stop doing that thing you do with the character armour. Stop that. Breathe effortlessly and normally. Relax. You may start thinking. Dismiss it. It's all bullshit. Let … Continue reading Cosmic Woo Guided BS Meditation

Love as Exploration of Transformation

Amecylia - InVocation - 2 - Love Exploration TransFormation Deeper inner transformutation is not a trivial adventure, and by easily failing, we are given the opportunity to develop additional layers of humanity Compassion for us entang(o/l)ed fellow daemons, interparticipating in the cutting-edge currents of (dis)similar, different and distinct rEvolutions Roots, deeply embedded in mis(sed)takes nourish … Continue reading Love as Exploration of Transformation

Amecylia - Life Stores Dreams

“Life Stores Dreams” – Amecylia (Full Album)

"Life Stores Dreams" is the second album in a series of recordings and improvisations based on the explorations of the interplay of what we tend to refer to as "mechanics" and "organics". Questions: Why is there anything? Why am I me? Why are we? Etc., Waking up to a grid of illusions, watching them topple … Continue reading “Life Stores Dreams” – Amecylia (Full Album)