Being for each Other

It would seem as if once upon a dream in a space nowhere, a spark of conscious awareness ignites within quasi-omni-present condensate.

Co-emerging and converging paths of liberation – spiral journey of extremes.

Discovering, uncovering and recovering memory streams of labirythmic thought exploring nets co-creating, observing-participating, inter-penetrating alliances causal strings knotted densely as synchrocoincidancing entities.

Cellular connection collaborative communication in formations perceived subjectivelly as subjectifiable “object”-substances, thanks to mind that matters.

Through gratitude and passionate compassion, forgiving and forgetting our entrapped “seperrate self” (“ego”) allowing relaxing attention-extension to all subjectively and non-simultaneously apprehended situations .

Mantra: “That which “Eyes” can see is that which is not me.”

Consciouesness, free from chains of habituated habitat-habits becomes clear once again from auto-imposed self-entrapment.

Withinout Love Expanding

Each cell : sElf or Other


The Point: "Mirrors" by Amecylia

A Newer Utopia

Consciousness: generative field of love of life and Will to Love. Awaiting the awakening responded by interlacing roots… – I cannot hear you very well, but I’ll keep typing… – Thank you… – They came to be before a tree of dying a-live they devoured as it devoured them…

Then: It was as-if ostentatiously conspicuous symbols speak through their quiet aboundance (abound + bounce + dance) at a frequenzy (frequency + frenzy resulting in a frequent state of frenzy) such that was almost deleted in the conscious, though deeply rooted subconsciously (hidden beyond quasi-confounding veils) envisioned tails of cosmic snails of being.

If you tune in, love reveals the light of life – from which thought streams, emerging and merging… pulsating, rhythming, singing complexities prolix’d perplexities not with-standing apprehensible simultaneity.

Notes: “Apprehensible” – root from understand (as in “Universe is non-simultaneously apprehended”) but also can manifest as fearsome element (signifying choice).

“The lives of all of us have been moulded largely by induction through suggestion” ~ William Walker Atkinson

Playfully co-creating the most intelligent and interesting, iMagiNative and awe-inspiring, mysteriously magical and surrealistically embodied reality tunnels, hierarchies articulate geometric properties of government – from molecules to cells, from orgasm-organisms, to other information fields: orgonomics of economics.

One of the most intricate and interesting features of our existing-echo-system is the function of the loving-orgasmic potency. In humans, this seems to become available in emotionally healthy relationship. This is, of course, not true for everybody, but seems to be a general rule that can be applied, and that seems to be “true enough” in my experience. What is unlocked? When we allow ourselves to closely bond with an other who, over time, and time and time again, shows us a caring open-presence, we can unlock something that makes us the relation-ship seem significantly meaningful.

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Shared energy of a group-species – #goodvibetribe #monkeyland

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Amecylia Music

The Point:
The Point: “Mirrors” by Amecylia