Amecylia - Life Stores Dreams


Dreaming is fun for the humans because it is like a 3D virtual reality. It is similar to "IRL" in a lot of ways, but you are not bound by physics. This is highly useful which is why the DNA bodies like doing it during life times. "Day dreaming" and "associating" is essentially the same … Continue reading Dreaming00.1-alpha

"Sharing is good, and with digital technology, sharing is easy." ~ Richard Stallman

Sharing is Caring

Let's let go of expectations and divided-against-self hallucinations and explore in turn endless possibilities, intelligence increase, creative epiphanies - unleash inter-seeded (inter-global, etc.,) playfully organized with iMagiNative symphonies uni versing Being mindful of yOur creation - birth, rebirth, loving-care : regeneration For giving all (life) excluding none, nurturing patiently for life - a glare may scare, … Continue reading Sharing is Caring

R W Emerson: Make your own Bible...

Tail of Ascending Daemon$

This is a draft version of an essay pertaining to the transformation of psychical functioning from mechanistic-mirror phase to the meta and metta programmer phase If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, feel free to comment by filling out the form at the end of this page - above all, I would love to … Continue reading Tail of Ascending Daemon$

Make Earth Beautiful Again

We cultivate and perpetuate what we focus on. The words we think and speak, and the attitudes and philosophies that we choose to embody, propagate as memes through networks of associations. Attention directed towards that which we wish to delete is a pharmacon. We can only heal if we refrain from picking so much at … Continue reading Make Earth Beautiful Again