Let Nature be your teacher

Sharing is caring, so I wanted to share this poem with you. It may give us some insight into the matter of our heartmental processes. Everything is interconnected, interrelated, interdependent. As withoutin, so withinout - so let us be mindful of the energy we bring, the tunes that we sing, and the pendulums we swing. … Continue reading Let Nature be your teacher

Kundalini Cells Call IlluminateUS

The point of interaction of the two distinct modes of viewing bridged the gap betwixt pages of live fiction Through interstanding = meaning is sparked ~ "Without dreaming, reality becomes a nightmare" ~ John Caputo Omniscient and omnipresent, omnipotent and aliefve - nothing intersecting nowhere Desire calls back anew (reflected withinout (dis)torsion) if and while uninterrupted … Continue reading Kundalini Cells Call IlluminateUS