Being for each Other [Community]

Crackling thunder, Unified field of Consciousness awake, dreaming gravity time's-pace. Now-here's a spark of conscious clarity ignited inter-emergent liberation from extreme polarity ("splitting"). Mindful projections, beliefs and situations. Emotionally charged thought-sense awareness rises quasi-omnipresent condensates of mental-matter-abstraction. Diverging whirlwinds discovering memory streams unveling, uncovering and discovering labirythmic inter-related co-creating co-inhabited planETs. Observing-participating, inter-penetrating alliances causal [...]

Living is not forgetting but forgiving

Humanity needs COMPASSion. In a paradigm of blind leading the blind and leaving each Other behind resulting in unsane ecology and pandemic of pathological psychology. We all need to recover - kindness, connection, warm-presence - heals and fulfils. Life, woven with silken symphonies of love and light - never for getting, always for giving - [...]