"Sharing is good, and with digital technology, sharing is easy." ~ Richard Stallman

Sharing is Caring

Let's let go of expectations and divided-against-self hallucinations and explore in turn endless possibilities, intelligence increase, creative epiphanies - unleash inter-seeded (inter-global, etc.,) playfully organized with iMagiNative symphonies uni versing Being mindful of yOur creation - birth, rebirth, loving-care : regeneration For giving all (life) excluding none, nurturing patiently for life - a glare may scare, … Continue reading Sharing is Caring

Living is For Giving

Love is not something that "Will"$ to take But something that wishes to share Not something that clings But which responds Living is forgiving Trancemitting Passions in- -to care Word / neologism of the day: "Trancemaeittamorphosing" (etymology: transmuting, trance, trancemitting, maitri, metta, metamorphoses, morphing, sing, etc.,) ^_^ ~ Song of Birds

"Welcome to our participatory Universe" AMECYLIA

Living is not forgetting but forgiving

Humanity needs COMPASSion. In a paradigm of blind leading the blind and leaving each Other behind resulting in unsane ecology and pandemic of pathological psychology. We all need to recover - kindness, connection, warm-presence - heals and fulfils. Life, woven with silken symphonies of love and light - never for getting, always for giving - … Continue reading Living is not forgetting but forgiving