Lucid Living

ReBirthing Time (notes + sound effects): Inter-n(o)(ns)c(i)ence of heartmind withinout maps of meaning says "It's time to put the pieces together" Religions seem to be occulted Goddess/God (Female+Male (creation-(re)generation)) "war-ship" - when viewed from a wholistic angle nowhere... Sword and flame Ishtar - All collectivelly human - EXCLUDING NONE - our Power grows and glows … Continue reading Lucid Living

Join us now and share your passions

Us humans have reached the Trumpocalyptic stage of The rEvelutians (revolution-revelations - also sounds like 'Martians'etc, which brings me to another topic, we figured out that these "aliens" are entangled and share an over-soul or "The Chaosmic Christ consciousness" phenomena of the Love frequency) Fear is an atavism "All vanity is atavism" ~ Nietzsche If … Continue reading Join us now and share your passions