Central catma & cat-holic entities

Cats seem to be in tune with what could be described as "spiritual" or "inter-dimensional" entities. as well as a significant portions of those excommunicated from the lunatic fringe. Coincidence? Maybe. I did not believe in g-ds until a g-d reminded me of my ability to play with BS (belief systems). Being denied access to … Continue reading Central catma & cat-holic entities

Why did you create this music compilation?

Sound bridges apparent gaps between emotion & mathematics, discord & harmony, in-formation & noise, physical & metaphysical, religion & science, & (most importantly) organismic entities. Sound can be a non-verbal refuge from the daily chatter reverberating through streets busied by biobots scuttling about. Playing with sound has been shown to involve the integration of processes … Continue reading Why did you create this music compilation?

Dirty software, hardware & Pauli Effect

An incomprehensible occurrence seems to have manifest in 2011. Namely, reasonably ethically sane software and hardware set-ups were traded in for "dirty" software which shall remain anonymous. Within a quantity of time, anomalies noted. Hardware functioning unreliably, software playing far-out games. Though months clogged up lag, times stayed reasonably productive. Multiple videos and albums recorded … Continue reading Dirty software, hardware & Pauli Effect