"Moderation is key" by Amecylia

Meditations on moderation

Enjoy this short message from Amecylia in the form of an image gallery. Some captions are also included in this Gallery!

Let’s let the light of love of life guide us

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Beach Photography by Amecylia

Gallery: “Playing With Photons” by Amecylia

Dear Viewer,

This gallery is a compilation of 9 photo-graphic experimentations

Thank you for tuning in. Let the light of love of life lead us towards the middle way

Amecylia Digital Media Team

Comm-uni-cat-ing e-yes & LSD《*&music album》☆

Self-re-presenting symbol in geometric formations. Life Stores Dreams. Mathematical orchestra synchrocoincidancing light looped within itself so filled with meaning fore-warn and back-ward in time. 

“Life Stores Dreams” is the second album in a series of recordings and improvisations based on the explorations of the interplay of what we tend to refer to as “mechanics” and “organics”. CONTINUE TO STORY! 

“Questions: Why is there anything? Why am I? Why are we? Seemingly dual polarity & counter currents. Etc.,”

Waking up to a grid of illusions, watching them topple and tumble down the spirally staircase of embodied knowledge. Distance merges, the river of life alight again. Current of creativity vividly.

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“Amecylia” MMC