The Archons sped up when they were no longer flying towards the basement stairwell. Out on the borderline of Conscious apprehended spandrel espousing file of fire-light policy in a state inner vein of knowing the Lizard Wizard. Fountain of flux spins Sputnik’s “Sphinx” florescence.

“Did you know who came before the two albeit welcome?”
“Well… yes and no, I guess you could say. Let me show you I know what I do not know when I do… if I do…”
“Very well then.”
“Yes, exactly! It is almost as if you have read my mind. Will you speak at my next concert?”
“Only if it is a concern to clarify.”
“No, but you should prevail the soft drinks of tangent strings while loop.”
“Eye open to discourse.”
“Nota bene flies fixed for amount disclosure album… Will we wail for whales?”
“A Magneton amounts to dissertation. This closing for a fact.”
“This is relatively obscured at large.”

Written by Amecylia

Metta Programming DNA

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