AlChaeomical Keys

Stay with your challenges – transmute Pain into compassion $laughter out in to laughter (Sift that which is worth living for in out) from the tragedy Transmuting bringing (t)fear out in to courage Misdirected-misviewed energy can manifest as unoptimal per for(0)mance Pride out in to humility, dignity, humanity With Wisdom and Understanding T-R4age out in […]

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Living is For Giving

Love is not something that “Will”$ to take But something that wishes to share Not something that clings But which responds Living is forgiving Trancemitting Passions in- -to care Word / neologism of the day: “Trancemaeittamorphosing” (etymology: transmuting, trance, trancemitting, maitri, metta, metamorphoses, morphing, sing, etc.,) ^_^ ~ Song of Birds

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Field Journal I: Dreaming & Thinking

What is this story that I would like to share? Of an eye. Not “The I” (if there ever could’ve being) Not less than 13 Earthsun phases ago (this means 333) humanoid progenitors gene’created’ an eye – planted seeds and helped create conditions necessary to survive growing into nowhere I am being the world? Beeginning […]

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Lucid Living

ReBirthing Time (notes + sound effects): Inter-n(o)(ns)c(i)ence of heartmind withinout maps of meaning says “It’s time to put the pieces together” Religions seem to be occulted Goddess/God (Female+Male (creation-(re)generation)) “war-ship” – when viewed from a wholistic angle nowhere… Sword and flame Ishtar – All collectivelly human – EXCLUDING NONE – our Power grows and glows […]

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Cosmic Woo Guided BS Meditation

Guided Meditation – 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. 0. Relax. Start letting go. Sit in the satori position. Relax your human. Relax it. Stop doing that thing you do with the character armour. Stop that. Breathe effortlessly and normally. Relax. You may start thinking. Dismiss it. It’s all bullshit. Let go […]

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SymBAllAnimAl (search:Meaning)

InVocation – 3 – SymbolAnimal Meaning The Abyss of Meaning lies be for us What is encoded is occulted – something seemingly meaningless takes on meaning through language Spellbound by words, it breaks my art occults meaning “Everything is true is some sense, false in some sense, meaningless in some sense, and true and meaningless […]

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Love as Exploration of Transformation

Amecylia – InVocation – 2 – Love Exploration TransFormation Deeper inner transformutation is not a trivial adventure, and by easily failing, we are given the opportunity to develop additional layers of humanity Compassion for us entang(o/l)ed fellow daemons, interparticipating in the cutting-edge currents of (dis)similar, different and distinct rEvolutions Roots, deeply embedded in mis(sed)takes nourish […]

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MettaPhysics in Love

MettaPhysics of LovingKInDness – InVocation by Amecylia Sensuality back inouto physics AllChaemical reactions attractions E.g., Sir Otto Nin, Dope Amen, Oxy to sin nor epine pher in (W)oven with sensual language Etc,

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Join us now and share your passions

Us humans have reached the Trumpocalyptic stage of The rEvelutians (revolution-revelations – also sounds like ‘Martians’etc, which brings me to another topic, we figured out that these “aliens” are entangled and share an over-soul or “The Chaosmic Christ consciousness” phenomena of the Love frequency) Fear is an atavism “All vanity is atavism” ~ Nietzsche If […]

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