notes towards a negative epiphany

“Notes Towards a Negative Epiphany”
{ An Explication on ‘How to Define Nothing’ }

We begin with a definition which does not define itself: a trinitarian movement in which what gets defined by “self” by some “identity”, is defined only in terms of its “other” – (and accordingly, “the other” only in terms of the “round-about” of self-not-self-within-self.)

Neither then, fitting “self” to “other”, nor “other” to “self” – but here wiring the CPU in such a way that the circuit is self-differentially that of *circuting* [particularly in its recognition of “self” in\out of other and “other” in\out of self: wholly-without absolving the differential-electricity which defines this one in one, two in two and three in three (k\not)]



Everything, by being anything – is already everywhere.

[(Each, “element”, within its “net”, – participates in the totality that contradicts itself.)]


In other words [(always in “other words”)] – “Truth” is the in-exact opposite of itself.

This “truth” or that.

For if the totality (here being described) cannot totalize any of its living parts into a single sign-system which stays-put, [(which is so)], – then, and only then, can the circuit be said to be truly alive as the embodiment of its coincidental modes.


This is the way the world moves.

One-sidedly existent, two-sidedly not, – the whole becomes the one which becomes other to the one – *and in this*, the ‘one’ thus becomes other than the whole *for the very reason* that the whole is never wholly itself *until* it is able to see itself in negating itself, forever and completely – therein to show up as ‘things’, ‘events’, – the ‘old in the new’ and the ‘new in the old’, together.

Thus it is said, that the body of the world is a community: a re-creational “modem” always ‘in-the-making’ whilst never finally ‘made’.

Everywhere the world is, – being where God is: [(hidden in plain sight)].

Nothing is apart from this not which is not. Just as nothing becomes, – apart from the becoming of difference proper to every identity’s non-identity.



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