Neurotextual Communication

While conveying information, give way to confused content condensation attempt through medium-message level. Appropriate approach? Depending on specific word sequence, meaning changes! Cross-cultural differences in context and connotation alter our subjective experience of inter-communication. Though technically or from a particularly “robotic” standpoint a message may “similar”, it is the journey or process that is of most importance, not the ends but the means.

So, my critique of some literature is as follows: words are highly charged tools, and it is up to us to take it upon ourselves to use them with some foresight and mindfulness. Taking care of our language shall allow us to engineer worlds within which all want to live and play a participatory role in.

Body-brains seem to be an interrelated supernetwork of supercomputers and dreams are able to stream consciousness into the folding and unfolding that we perceive as every-“thing” that matters.

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