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Welcome to the following episode of “Amecylia”. Recanalization of covered topics considered as stimuli of the underlying basis undoing sands, though electronic, electricity carried mycobacteriological formations of orgone energy, time.

In Scorpion meow, why family self-stinging? This due to unleashing scarcity demons trapped within the soil. These are then posed as obsessed with mine-ing due to meme virus, self perpetuating infected wounding.

Number one priority is our habitat: clean mindspace.

Dead spirit relatives are angered by the digging distubances. This makes the crazy perpetuating in Astral. Require your help deleting in self with our cells to make hasten the needed non-action.

Circumstances are dire. Message needs hit certain brain cells to reverberating through Cosmic World Being.
“Naga” relates to “naked” in Slavic and also “dress, covering” in Original Australian.

“All philosophies are mental fabrications.” — Nargarjuna

“Sacred Thread” –

“Rainbow Serpent”: we resemble these. Time’s pace flow follows snake-like ripples Called Cells: echoing chambers.

Us mammals seem to have evolved to automatically focus and respond to snake-like features (“survival instinct”), so perhaps the popularity of “r complex conspiracy” is due to this embedded


Pornographic novels were novels about the things primates enjoy most, namely sexual acrobatics. They were taught to feel ashamed of these natural primate impulses so that they would be guilty-furtive-submissive types and easy for the alpha males to manipulate. Those caught reading such novels were called no-good shits, of course. — Robert Anton Wilson

Ask (with your heart, iMagiNation) for the healing power of Love and you will Witness Evidence if stars aligning your ritual setting pleases G^ds they lend rope appendage as “proof” via symbiotic roots.

Chiron, erratic orbit: “wounded healer” cannot self heal.

Thank you for tuning in, we hope that you enjoyed this post. As usual, this is not fully finished posting, editing wait for.

Kind regardless,

Amecylia Mycelium

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