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S y n c h r o n o c o i n c i d a n c i n g [$11.11]

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Sound bridges apparent gaps between emotion & mathematics, harmony-discord, noise-information, (meta)physical, religion(yoga)-science.

Organismic Entities refuge from discordant scuttling and chatter reverberating through streets busied, hurried and stifled by robotic mind-sets.

Playing with sound has been shown to involve the integration of processes involving many sacred parts of the brain.

Synesthesia is a condition of integration of sensory input stimulation. It’s syntropic synergy synchronocoincidancing timeless spaces unveiling themselves before being when a door through which shines light of love of life opens gates of Heovens in the nowhere or even hwells unless all externalised phenomena (without exception) is subject to subjectification.

* Quasi-neologism “Heovens” He + ovens, Referring to certain states within Yoga practice, i.e., “Heoven doors unlock higher modes of polarity tuning.” (8th circuit activation)

* Quasi-neologism “hwells” hell + well, Referring to conscious awareness of all. i.e., “A water well fell into hwell, it’s doing well, hwell means well.” (2nd+ circuit psych.)

Seeking-finding meaning in sound non-verbal articulation.

This music compilation originally features an additional track entitled “Nothing Lasts Forever” which was deleted in the hope of recording a “better” take “later on”.”Later on” did not manifest as the project was abandoned temporarely while a struggle with proprietary hardware and software took place. Copyleft schemes through thought. Glimpses oasis awaiting our space, composed co-related vibrating data that gets processed within habitat patterns of chordata.

Thank you very much for tuning in. If you enjoy this, please leave a comment below. If you did or if you would like to share any thoughts, requests or questions please leave feedback at the end of this page.

Have a wonderfully organic (and beyond) life-dream-time!

Spirit of Kittendom

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