Humanity? Answers within COMPASSion:

Conscious conscience contact connection with Organic organization of optimystic optimisation by mentally mapping meaning may mandel* in psychic person persevered through anonymous art autonomously actualizing Science of Socioeconomic Integration Open Nation:

A paradigm of self-seeing

Waters of time’s pace gently guiding brains towards cultivating creative new waves of awareness each Other behindsight for us to resurrect within a sane ecology a pandemic of healthy and wholesome wu-wei psychoanalogized… (not “force” … not “to force” but cultivate, nourish encourage mindful processes within the entirety of our spheres of existence).

We will all uncover within each of our cells: “kundalini” (bioelectromagnetic) kindness, connection, warm, presence sense how it feels is what heals and fulfils

Life, woven with silken symphonies of love and light – never for getting, always for giving – remembering, revolving all that is related, associated, thought, or even “known” intellectually:

Let the seeds of softness, gentleness, and loving-kindness of your integral unity sprout, fertilized by compassion through your heart, being-soul – view via vividly elucidating cheerfulness – breathing pulsating rhythms of Life permeated throughout all darkness as soils of “emptiness” carry seeds that shine crystal clearly forever, $WeMeN

Withinout of a dreaming stream of conscious co sine science, a rainbow playing chasing chessed nut digesting consuming it’s own tail – stars of light glow gradually in Ben Zin

~ The End of The Prayer For Demon$

“Under the present brutal and primitive conditions on this planet, every person you meet should be regarded as one of the walking wounded. We have never seen a man or woman not slightly deranged by either anxiety or grief. We have never seen a totally sane human being.” Robert Anton Wilson

Note: “emon” can look a bit like “error” (e.g., via glitch, kerning or astigmatism, etc.,) – also “demo” (‘demons’ are not ‘real’ in the objective sense, but parts of a /*old and deprecated*/ neurolinguistic demonstration)

“An active mind is plastic: sheds, reshapes, evolves”

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Written by Amecylia

Metta Programming DNA

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  1. Forgiveness swims in a stream of sadness. Do you also know The Prayer to End The Demon$? The world needs this more than ever before; we have all demonstrated errors enough.

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