How does consciousness generate the planet-side trip? Why does it keep reincarnating in these familiar forms and what is this vortex? Can we change the trajectories by shifting the strange attractors?

Let us explore the awe inspiring topic of iMagiNation and it’s relationship with thinking and being in the world as sensed now and here.

“Seeing with the brain is also called imagination.” ~ Oliver Sacks, neurologist

A question to consider: what is imagination and how does it relate to thinking?

The faculty of integrating and apprehending sensed activity. Conscious Universe experiencing hirself through embodied holographic fractal entangle-ments. It all starts (focus attention on consciousness unfolding each moment: iMagiNation).

“It’s fun to imagine.” ~ Richard Feynman, physicist

So join us now and share the hallucinations. Minds free from logic and ambiguity clad in veils of reason we can explore with intuition and imagination we can go where no one’s gone before.

“Imagination is the golden pathway to everywhere.” ~ Terence McKenna

You may also appreciate this video by SatoriD:

Feel free to comment, contribute and create. Here at AMECYLIA, we would like to encourage focus on COMPASSion: Loving=Kindness, Metta, HeARTmindfullness, Spontaneity, Genuineness, Gentleness, Softness, and etc.,

Terra! Is! Is!

I’ll Ness Uni:Ted(x) IllumiNation

Orgonomic metaphore locale imagiNation

Least resistence = most allowance

Namaste and thank you for tuning in!


Written by Amecylia

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