From Draft Notes and Side-Notes for Philosophy of Freedom by Rudolf Steiner.

A wise elder was once said to say “If others knowest knot what thou art doing, thy performance is not incorrect, though it can be distinguished from

Before commencing, initialize each document by defining words. Please take care to occasionally seek etymological roots from various sources to get to the bottom of what may be meaning to communicate. Welcome and thank you for tuning in. First, begin with definitions.

“Radical” stems from the Latin root “root”, “going to the origin, essentials”. We are Amecylia take a Radical approach to understanding Earth situation. For this, initiate into in-depth understanding of the (sociological, psycho-physiological, environ-mental, etc.,) ecology.

Research Topic #1 “Gracie” meaning, definition, etymology : from grace, gratitude & “You (multiple) are playing” [Polish]

Human bodies evolved as part of co-creating regenerative processes. Perspectives shaped by these shape-events allowed moments of self-awares and our capacity for communication, collaboration and creative freedom became less limited. As conscious beings, we are continuously reflecting on and increasing our freedom. As unconscious beings, we continue to entrap ourselves in spirals of self-fulfilling blunder.

Anthropomorphising Consciousness, Galaxies, Constellations, Stars, Planets, Nations.

  • Multiverse, not to be confused with Everett’s

This is how the root is embedded: fixation brought about with clinging and desire. Rabbit holes of pleasure lead to many-festation (feast-fester) of wave oscillation patterns, interference and brain. by extension all that surrounds us.

“Embed” definition : to enclose closely in or as if in a matrix

What is the root of every body’s inspiration, creativity, intuitive-intelligence? What is the root of every body’s suffering? How can we best nourish root of inspiration and starve out mind weeds? Some things to consider. While our self-awareness shows us our “Nature” simultaneously changes itself by the act of self-observation. (Thanks, Brains!)

Thank you for tuning in

Written by Amecylia

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