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Functions and loops. Allusions to Illusions. Radical short-sightedness releafing forest blinking bloom lights.

“Padam rano neword is onword with punword noword is one word worlding whirlwinds of worlds Whirlwords!” ~ Atenom Etceran

Interdimentional Telepathic Sensory System.

“Create optimally organizing sight” Caphalopod

“These expositions might make none of the explosion of paradigms (differing differential differentiation diverging diametrically digesting disguised diaspora). None of the none other nonsense! No sense senses dialectics disjointed (disambiguation dilemma). De-tuned from our senses, discord. Accord with ALL IN harmony, interstellar biodiversity.” the alliance said as they arrived.

“Womb-Warm Welcome! I need a break from this okay.”

“Actually there are layers and levels of Healven, you’ll have to figure all that out on your own.”

“I need to discharge my load, put my bags down…” put bag down.

Meta & Metta PROgram yOur symbolic systems or OLD deprecated scripts con-t you, feedback loops….

Systems Thinking Course from Complexity Labs.

Paradigm. Processes. Cyclical / Feedback. Functions and Loops. Non-Linear.

Earth intuitive, intellectual capacities integrate senses if these become disconnected from ~ A e s t h e t i c s ~  thinking “I AM” being pushed around by forces. I somehow got infected with a meme of thinking the world is a pile of noisy chaos. Is there only static chaos? No. Can you sense DIVINE ORGANIZATION in ALL “THINGS”? “Good” and “Bad”? “Beautiful” and “Ugly”? Sound of Ohm as background Frequencies interpenetrate us from all dimensions. Structure-function relation-ships, sailing within the dark glowing sound-light womb of Universe Consciousness.

Work with adaptive self organizing systems: homeostasis.

Systems Dynamics. Dive deeply into chain of events, the fractal brain forest : It’s time to WAKE UP to Networks.

Systems design.

“Let Nature be your teacher” said Wordsworth.

Initiate Global Cosmic Mycelium Mind Network.

Distribution is desirable and healthy systems.

Phase transition irreducible to components.

Consciousness: strong emergence (no amount of information can predict).

Synchronocoincidancing synergetic focusing.

“Earth a pet project”

i.e., expounding on synergistic feedback patters within our co-creating “heartmind”.

“We bait them into debate…” Eye.

We have an obligation towards our animals and plants. Symbiosis not parasitoxicosis.

Why do many intelligent, seemingly sane and well psychologically adjusted people say that there is a “G-d”? What do they mean by this? There’s been long discourses on this topic and this will be covered at a later date.

"The more you observe nature, the more you perceive that there is tremendous organization in all things." ~ Carlo Rubbia

Programming & Metta Programming the human biocomputer
Amecylia, Toxoplasma, Mycelium & Team

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