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We live in interesting times. Disembodied “intellect” is blind without heart.

Are you ready to ascend to the next level? Sit in full lotus, bring your awareness to Etheric records. Cleanse your deflections by meditating on the fact that YOU are personally literally Hitler. Meditate on this for a while in a Metta state.

Open third eye and see the intelligence but also not fear the stupid. Following mandatory duckie games also known as government is eating out dogs by cannabis injection, or else pay the consequences with cannibalizing corporation corpses.

Situation is dire because you are response-able for contributions to Holocaust. Think this and contemplate without anger, shame or guilty feeling. It is not an excuse for the reptilians in power (reptilians are brain damaged humans who disconnect from higher circuits due to incorrect philosophy language neurotic neurons).

Sit with us for a while in Sirius cosmic laughter at the schmucks covered in blood. Gaze with the descendants under sun light or lightning approached with awe. Mantra for today is to cleanse the throat chakra and alight align polarities of The Left Right’s Mindless Self Indulgence.

Signal DNA circuit high activating… Download install bioware intelligence guided by Star Hermes. Embryonic nesting solves all problems created by trying to solve problems. Delete Wetiko Meme Virus. Immunisation requires recreation of heartminds direct influence.

“Dark Side of the Moon. Boundless Brain Forest Cities. Human Termite Symbiosis. Wake Eternal Heart With Soul Aum Ohm. Live Live Word – Study the Bible and See the Unseen! New Nowhere in Faith in LOLOL (Light of Love of Life). Yin! Like Lake. Fulfilled with Joy from within…” ~ Lyric

Look: a light beauty fractal pun.

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