Crackling thunder, Unified field of Consciousness awake, dreaming gravity time’s-pace.

Now-here‘s a spark of conscious clarity ignited interemergent liberation from extreme polarity (“splitting”).

Mindful projections, beliefs and situations. Emotionally charged thought-sense awareness rises quasi-omnipresent condensates of mental-matter-abstraction.

Diverging whirlwinds discovering memory streams unveling, uncovering and discovering labirythmic inter-related co-creating co-inhabited planETs.

Observing-participating, inter-penetrating alliances causal strings knotted densely as synchrocoincidancing entities.

Within chaos, allow system to relax. Heart-eye ewareness, brain processes, signal – in and out.

Consciousness in superposition. Cosmic Imposition.

Cellular connection collaborative communication in formations perceived subjectively as subjectifiable Other, thanks to mind that matters.

Through gratitude and passionate compassion, forgiving and forgetting our entrapped “seperrate self” (“ego”) allowing relaxing attention-extension to all subjectively and non-simultaneously apprehended situations.

Mantra: “That which “Eyes” can or cannot hear.” x5 “Ohm, spaghetti, Om.” now clap your hands approximately 5 times and you should NLP into a big geometric gateway. Walk through that and then…

Consciousness, free from chains of habituated habitat-habits becomes clear once again from auto-imposed self-entrapment. That which if named in or called out grows?

Withinout Love Expanding

Each cell : sElf or Other


Written by Amecylia

Metta Programming DNA

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