Central catma & cat-holic entities

Cats seem to be in tune with what could be described as "spiritual" or "inter-dimensional" entities. as well as a significant portions of those excommunicated from the lunatic fringe. Coincidence? Maybe. I did not believe in g-ds until a g-d reminded me of my ability to play with BS (belief systems). Being denied access to … Continue reading Central catma & cat-holic entities

Being for each being

It would seem as if once upon a dream in a space nowhere, a spark of conscious awareness ignited within the omni-present condensate. Co-emerging and converging paths of liberation - a spiral journey of extremes. Discovering, uncovering and recovering memory streams of labirythmic thought explore nets of inter-penetrating alliances of cellular data in formations perceived … Continue reading Being for each being

Relative reflections of each other

Orange Blossom photography gallery featuring mesmerising green plants "I love trees." ~ Orange Blossom Thank you for viewing this gallery, if you enjoyed this photography, please consider donating or purchasing art at amecylia.bandcamp.com Kind regards, Amecylia Multimedia Team

Why did you create this music compilation?

Sound bridges apparent gaps between emotion & mathematics, discord & harmony, in-formation & noise, physical & metaphysical, religion & science, & (most importantly) organismic entities. Sound can be a non-verbal refuge from the daily chatter reverberating through streets busied by biobots scuttling about. Playing with sound has been shown to involve the integration of processes … Continue reading Why did you create this music compilation?

Dirty software, hardware & Pauli Effect

An incomprehensible occurrence seems to have manifest in 2011. Namely, reasonably ethically sane software and hardware set-ups were traded in for "dirty" software which shall remain anonymous. Within a quantity of time, anomalies noted. Hardware functioning unreliably, software playing far-out games. Though months clogged up lag, times stayed reasonably productive. Multiple videos and albums recorded … Continue reading Dirty software, hardware & Pauli Effect

Multimedia production, software & sharing

A few notes on multimedia production, free (libre) software and creating a thriving community based on sharing. Sharing is caring free speech, free ideas. Every word you think-speak is in multi-ways magical spell.zget DNA in state of Metta-Formation. Death is transformation of perpetually oscillating energies tied with Compilation of Richard Stallman quotes regarding sharing Sharing … Continue reading Multimedia production, software & sharing


Dreaming seems to be fun for the humans because it is like a 3D virtual reality. It is similar to "IRL" in a lot of ways, but you are not bound by physics. This is highly useful which is why the DNA bodies like doing it during life times. "Day dreaming" and "associating" can look … Continue reading Dreaming00.1-alpha

Begin NOWhere guided meditation

The following is an instructional introduction to cardiovascular-mind systems optimisation. Skills include relaxing pranayama, softening and breath of fire. Provides purring cat sounds for an esoteric form of heart-based chakra cleansing and balancing practice. In this instructional video, you will be introduced to the art of consciously connecting and training the heart-mind systems. https://youtu.be/LeGcKfzg2LA Managing … Continue reading Begin NOWhere guided meditation