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Maybe looking Down at your chakras, with third eye axially centering through all the centers, and the square representing the construction of the perceived spatio-temporal gestalt-ground reality framework.

Symbolically expressed.

Compassion, yes, thank you. What I got most from Robert Anton Wilson’s version of The Secret Schpiel was: Compassion and Optimism. Once we realize that we can travel through multiple realities, it becomes clear that we can and should be moving towards realities that are more hopeful, abundant, innovative, and therefore freer and more fun — to even read and talk and daydream, as well as consciously meditate and thought-shape — so, we should quickly and surely try to cultivate the habit to imagine the better world we would like to see, and be encouraged every time we get some gleam of this better world peaking through.

It’s important, I say, because it is fast becoming clear that many, many people, most without realizing the power of their thoughts and words, are doing it the opposite way, which helps to explain how the present world seems to have become rather suddenly uglier, more hopeless and dangerous and worse.

Hate can produce more hate very quickly, even among those who are trying to take the position of tolerance.

Instead of meeting hatred and intolerance with hatred OF intolerance, we must keep our gaze fixed on, of all the possible future worlds, the ones that are governed by the core values of Compassion, Optimism, and humor.

” But I AM Hermes!”
–Aleister Crowley.

Thanks for listening. Keep Oakland Weird!


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