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Medicinal poetry – analytic=intuitive – integral brain systems development & optimization – fractals refracting

Welcome to Information Page regarding Project “AMECYLIA” Multimedia Official Website!

AMECYLIA is an artistic collaboration ranging across a broad range of media types.

AMECYLIA is an acronym for “allied mindhearts etherically composing yOur lives inside AMECYLIA”.

Amecylia Multimedia is dedicated towards increasing intelligence, promoting loving-kindness (metta) and adhering to optimal inter-personal principles.

This is the INDEX page. If you every get lost and need to return here, simply click on the AMECYLIA logo at the top of the page, or type amecylia.com into your browser.

When you are ready, you can enter the archive:

Or you can begin with a simple meditation, place your embodiment within a balanced system, relax, go non-verbal, synaesthesia. The following video contains instructions.

Seeds Compassion – Innate Intelligence.

We can help each other heal – expanding awareness of all auto-suggestions.

The first step is the realeyesation of our inherent unity (objects/cells/atoms/molecules can be thought of as ‘knots’ of entangled (e)motioning dance of layered reflections) – therefore the inherent creative sanctity of ALL (energy) – coming back into our senses, plastic (neuron-muscularly, flexible bodymind, etc.,) LOGOs illuminate us soul information – breathe deeply injoy-ment, response-ability, content-ment, creativity.

Inference. The most important functionality of the fuzzy.ai API is doing fuzzy inference with a single agent. In fuzzy inference, you provide input values to the fuzzy …

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Amecylia Mirror Blue Eyes Blue Hair
“Universe is a hall of mirrors.”