leaving traces of a lost origin

In the non-beginning, was ____________ .

–  a non-utterance; something indistinguishable; something not ‘one’ nor ‘none’.

Until, ~

The ‘all’ – was, as (already) leaving,

~ a trace,

[of the IS, -already – gone]. ‘ \ over \ -here \ not-here- . ____________

–  and, ‘this’ of this present matter.

The present,

as having left its mark, – its ‘wake’,

~ as trace. on another,


Wholly lost to the reappearance

and disappearance

of things.

The ‘other’ of origin: is inside the origin.

The non-origin, – inside what is.

God, – leaves so that the world can be as world \ without God, with God, – between. \

God leaves – the world behind, – and in it wake: world appears.

Yet one speaks, here, really only of absences, (that are not quite absences).

Speaks here, of things ‘not here’, – nor ‘not [not] here’ (either).

– Just as if we were reading but ruins, – reading the ruins in the production of time (…)

Of our time \ when time, as – having passed – became.

Given \ taken \ given-over to, displacement.

The trace we are tracing, – is one known only as it leaves itself behind as a shadow that was not, yet is,  – as a sign of effacement.

[A rewriting, – which is writing.]

[A reading – which is re-reading.]

– Or God: as origin of the untranslated mark.

Just as we be these of the lost ‘in-beginning’, – not having begun (here).

The world appears as God disappears.

God, as the never-born, and the world – the born one, – the birthing one: the one having birthed the God which leaves behind the this of a world-birth.

Yet world, only is as a past event. Something “left”, something which marks a continued-absence (or absenting) in the presence of what (inside it) is passing all the while.

For is it not only we that are passing, but also the passage of God being marked – ?

Every moment bares a relation to another time: to a moment outside itself: to something else, than itself.

~ Opening to

the viewfinder –

~ One opens to


Keeping itself as a trace of what was (never): keeping in itself, the other that isn’t, – but preserved as a sign of things not present in the present; 4 things can be said:

–  The present that is not present, is in the present, or depends on the present to be.

– – That what is present, could not be present – if it was not for the past that isn’t here, – including the deep-past before past; the time outside (though inside) time – that is included by the impossibility of inclusion.

– – – For indeed: the present could not re-presence (anything) was it not for this absence at its heart: this ‘other’ than the present that brings presence forth,

– – – – This past which marks the present as a ‘presenting’; just as inside the present is its before, and the before (of) this before, – all the way “back” to the non-existent nothing which is not exactly nothing, and not exactly this.

“The same”.

Divided: the world appears as what is not the world: in the world (as a presence of what is not at all there).

The opening of a gap,

– that there is something between things, – keeping them in play – keeping things from matching, – keeping things from becoming something, someone, – forever altogether.

(((In the beginning,a word was uttered; but now we have only a trace: ________ . )))

~ Formally, there is difference: already, in time.

That inside anything that is ‘one thing’: there is already the source of its oppositions and its incompletely-realised-end.

As in,- the nothing that lets appearances appear and disappear in the opening which has (its) divisions open.

Like the waters of life: earth parting earth, parting heaven, parting sky, parting “I” in this that is ‘being-time’.

One wonders, – without beginning.

  • the possible and impossible appearance of the possible modes of appearance and possible modes of disappearance pertaining to every particular.

[Note the one thing that nots the same; note the difference which makes a difference. Note the non-origin leaving nothing but a trace _______ . ]

  • Plurality and Unity, “are” neither one nor two in it.

The ‘life-force’. The ‘death-force’. The no negating as the what which has been made.

~ Spacing,

~ Timing,

a one becoming multiple becoming one becoming not-this of itself;

– subsisting though it as a perverse double, a nothing which is (practically) not there: yet there, (all the same) as an impractical not which is\n’t.

[a non-place where separations appear and disappear: like the place where life inheres only by its ‘limit points’ (The points at which it disappears, and is, as disappearing.)]

Time has no fixture.

Either inside one or outside it – the mutually exclusive is always mutually inclusive when it comes (down) to the non-determination of things.

The differential engine. The nothing which somethings the nothing and leaves all scratching for marks.

How would one recognise that which has no identity, yet gives way to identities ? how would one tell of the indifference that is when differences are as over ?

1/. Between the world and heaven: lies the difference without which they would not be

2/. Between things considered different – there is the not which does not do a thing.

Letting appearances appear, disappearances disappear – and present-things come-apart and together; the manifestly-hidden (or hidden manifest) breaks forth as the veil between opposites. Both inside as being and outside as being, transcendent and immanent – *whilst pulling them apart* – its absent in being and present in being is its erasure:

The origin, a vanishing point, – occurring everywhere at once (though spaced – across time – asynchronously)

What does the present, present? What does it signify?

The present as a mark – of past presentations. Of a trace: left.

[A sign, – is never what the sign signifies, – and yet it stands, as supplement].

[[Likewise, the present, is never simply present – nor absent, – nor both. Yet – bearing a relation to all the times not present in the present: what does not occur, occurs by not occurring in what occurs.]]

[[[Or, in what does occur: everything that does, bears a relation to what does not.]]]

All separations, all demarcations – of heaven from the earth: bears this not of the other in each of what they are as things.

A movement, simultaneously ‘away from’, – and constitutive.

~ Like, abiding non-forever’s,

or likes,

alike nothing.

Before the beginning, – there was not even nothing.

For only in the beginning: nothing was.


^ an unfinished re-write of the bible’s account of cosmogenesis, and simultaneous exploration of jewish mysticism, with reference to j. derrida. 

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