What is Rainbow Magick?

Curse of Greyface attacks No(☆)PCs

The Spectre of Community is Imminent (friendship is optimal)

Evolving Myths and Legends

Cast tour intellectual net widely andd sea

Bacteria and Fungi Of Global Illuminati – join us now and share the software GNU World Order emerge word Art from Chaos

Not mess of “Order” (this created disorganismation) {Culture-Jamming}

Conscious Business Declaration

Trade art as commodity — Sea of Ever Increasing Value turned cancer into can-sir… gravity loops – sea gravity Eye

Sowing Seeds Sessions:

#GLEO (Great Leaders Empower All Others)

Group chanting session Wednesdays @7pm at the gardens

Labelless Nonidentity Recordings

Simply vir.all copyleft. No egg. Anonymous Credit Cats.

Avoid Shudder Morguettes like The Plague: “Expect disease in stagnant waters”


Why we need a flexible caste system

Global goals – distributed mem in each individual… global communication… intel^2…

All global citizens get:


Average this out over opportunity costs. See: broken window fallacy. Mind inference interference distributing consumer. Biosurvival tickets allow casting vote with community grants elect

Hi-er-arch-i-cal no.
Spin for a moment
Forget is remember
Time for a moment-aum
This was not hear

Thank you for tuning in,
Amecylia Mycelium

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