the recorded-movement of some polysignifying nothing

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(there is)



“From the first”

– we are, things are, – in medias-res.


Notice (then), the shape of (this) multiplicity … ?

  • not just, the momentousness of every-present, vanishing into itself
  • or, ‘our bursting universe’,
  • but also, the ephemeral body of time motioning the valance of its infinity
  • right as it echos itself without the Image of the what which was reflected back.

The “why” was within them

The question – carries it across

“What am we”

“What part of the puzzle”

“am this”

That there is only one-thing: and (that) it is not itself.

[[ And for we who live in and off the world… ?

Every thought is hollow.

Every “thing” – something else.

Everyone: another. ]]

That the All

is nothing but a difference to itself ?

In itself, for itself, –

the Other that it is

(as) Becoming

eternally Same


without success.


Well, the polydot here ends, somewhat arbitrarily, by writing itself off as a

‘successful failure’


but this, in partial-demonstration of its point: that ‘things become’, only by their very inability to identify ‘is’ with ‘is’


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