Being for each Other

As if seemingly at once upon dreaming timespaces nowhere’s a spark of conscious awareness ignited quasi-omni-present condensate of inter-emergent converging of paths of liberation from spiral extremes.

Discovering, uncovering and recovering memory streams of labirythmic thought exploring nets co-creating, observing-participating, inter-penetrating alliances causal strings knotted densely as synchrocoincidancing entities.

Cellular connection collaborative communication in formations perceived subjectivelly as subjectifiable “object”-substances, thanks to mind that matters.

Through gratitude and passionate compassion, forgiving and forgetting our entrapped “seperrate self” (“ego”) allowing relaxing attention-extension to all subjectively and non-simultaneously apprehended situations .

Mantra: “That which “Eyes” can or cannot hear.” x5 “Ohm, spaghetti, Om.” now clap your hands approximately 5 times and you should NLP into a big geometric gateway. Walk through that and then…

Consciousness, free from chains of habituated habitat-habits becomes clear once again from auto-imposed self-entrapment. That which if named in or called out grows?

Withinout Love Expanding

Each cell : sElf or Other


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