S y n c h r o n o c o i n c i d a n c i n g [$11.11]

Sound bridges apparent gaps between emotion & mathematics, harmony-discord, noise-information, (meta)physical, religion(yoga)-science. Organismic Entities refuge from discordant scuttling and chatter reverberating through streets busied, hurried and stifled by robotic mind-sets. Playing with sound has been shown to involve the integration of processes involving many sacred parts of the brain. Synesthesia is a condition of integration [...]

UnGNUdly software, hardware & Pauli Effect

An Incomprehensible (AI) upper-layer occurrence seems manifested within timespace. Reasonably namely ethically sane sofTHARdware (bio-organic) DNA-habit set-ups were traded for "unGNUdly" (a pun on "G-d" and "GNU") software which shall remain haram. Within a quantity of time, anomalies were documented with due process. Hardware functionanality unreliable at best, so software playing far-out games within the [...]