Dreaming is fun for the humans because it is like a 3D virtual reality. It is similar to “IRL” in a lot of ways, but you are not bound by physics. This is highly useful which is why the DNA bodies like doing it during life times. “Day dreaming” and “associating” is essentially the same thing – province of the mind, where there “are no limits” to use John C Lilly’s terms. One difference is that the body senses are mainly minimized and transformed during sleep-time, particularly in deep sleep. During human-sleep, all physics are suspended – meaning that we are free to do whatever we imagine. This is correlated with sense and thought impressions echoing through the day-time (which, we should always remember, is another form of Dream Time, just with “heavy” physics – thus imposing certain limits on the movement of consciousness).

Some fun things for children to do during dreaming:

* Exploring physics – flying, “magic powers”
* 3D video games
* Sync dreams with “friends” – see what happens
* Play time in beautiful locations
* Learning to deal with “scary” thoughts manifest without limit – how to change vibe? How to transform? Transmute?
* Learning to ask questions. Troubleshooting problems via dreams
* Playing with incarnation as other-than the main Earth-human body
* Playing with getting “lost” in a dream: Do you think that it is possible to dream without knowing you are dreaming? Explain. If you think that it is possible, what implications would this have for “IRL”? Could it be that “IRL” is a sort of “dream” device?
* Everything is interconnected – can you find some links between “IRL” actions and dreams? Dreams and “IRL”? How can we optimize these?
* Have you every slept while holding “fear”? How about “beauty” and “metta” state?
* How are your beliefs and emotional state influencing your dreams?

Fun things for grown ups:

* Design & engineering – can you keep physics steady and imagine it accurately? You may be surprised that it comes intuitively! Or maybe you find it challenging. Explain your answer.
* Testing hypothesis. Can you make the dream world an accurate “copy” of “IRL”? Improved upon?
* Advanced time-stretching. Can spend a year in 1 night time?
* Exploring own nervous system (advanced). DNA, carbon and others.
* Advanced troubleshooting of technical issues. A lot of the humans find that dreams are useful during programming or troubleshooting electrical and digital devices. Have you mastered dream-troubleshooting?

What are some other implementations of your 3D VR supercomputers?

Thank you so much for tuning in!


Song of the day: Amecylia – Life Stores Dreams – It’s Just A Pretend World

Video clip:

CONGRATULATIONS! You saw the fn{once entangled, always connected}

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