Hi, Fellow Minds!

The words that we speak, write and think are in multiple ways Magick Spells. While letting the light of love of life guide us, we optimize our cells.

As within, so without, so let’s connect with out love-heartminds, and gently soften. I.e., feeling the threads that connect all that is, was and will be more often.

Before each (e)motion, let us silently reflect on all that seems to be – feeling, space, glittering lights brightly waving our experience through rhythmically vibrating energetic information fields…

And with patient tenderness through Earth time yOUR seedlings will sprout and grow – karma: forever inter-acting – weeding gardens, reaping what we sow, etc.,

Let’s plan-(E)T a beautiful garden.

Thank you for tuning in

Namaste & Kind Regards,
From the Amecylia Multimedia Team Spirit.

Geopoetryic Art by Amecylia
“What is what there is, and all that seems to be? How is it that there is what there is and not how the ‘is’ used to be? How do we do what we need to do to do? Is there something we can do to not do what we tend to do while we do whatever it is we are doing?”

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