My first photo-shoot!

Metta Programming DNA

Metta : unconditional compassion, heart-felt loving kindness, good intent towards ALL excluding NONE

Our bodies are programmable

Our cosmic culture is programmable

Our humans are programmable and meta programming

Metta programming our DNA-inter-net is optimal

COMPASSion is optimal, not optional

AMECYLIA: Thank you for tuning in!
AMECYLIA: Thank you for tuning in!

Let’s let the light of love of life serve as guide

Shine bright
Children of light
Be guided by
Love of life

Mindful compassion serves as a compass for action as integral awareness forms the basis of all furtherence of causal chains, breaking free of syn-imposed limits.

Day of getting restful sleep!
Today, starting from beginning
New / updated operating system
Purging all dirty software
Apting to get lots of water
Emerging to help others

And healing m(y)our being




#Love #Kindness #Freedom #Biobot #Human #Software #COMPASSion #Software #Ubuntu #Kali #AmbiGUIty #Programming #Metaprogramming #Mettaprogramming #Intelligence #LovingKindness #Conkeror #Yoga #GoodVibeTribe #Integral #Psychology #Buddhism #Metta
Thank you for tuning in


Amecylia Mirror Blue Eyes Blue Hair
“Universe is a hall of mirrors.”
Amecylia Test 5
Amecylia Test 5
Amecylia TEST5 Edit33
Amecylia TEST5 Edit33

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