Cosmic New Age


KEY WORDS: include “Retro!” “Hippie!” Woo!” I.e., “Search For Cosmic Intelligence”

Marriage Of Communism And Capitalism

U-WAGA! This post, written in heavily modified language, may not be comprehensible to the lay person in search of information pertaining to the above mentioned topic! Please only use this page at your own risk. By reading the following, you agree to wave any particles lodged inside of the computer screen and to challenge the notion.

Divorce from *isms.

The following is a semi-automatically generated list. Please enjoy while reading. Make of it what you Will. R e a d – it’s how you find your soul … s p e a k – only kind words , forgive a l  l cells who also suffer as you do : and with confused self-delusion, know that G-ds themselves are not beyond this on the fruit of price, planet Narci. . .(a waking reply. . .)…ssus? Acid Narc.’s creeping and crawling baby larva.

T h e y are seem to be SEO Keywords including: Vibrate magneticks – for she who Shall vibrate metta / maitri / loving-kindness / Love (for giving all excluding none) – energy chakras / open spine / prana-yama / shall Crowning KingDome of HeAThen (“Crown” can also sound like “Clown” to some #Kebbablala) – re-cognizing Our Divine Unity – cos(median) at analysis 23% across median record data

Imagine your bodybrain cellved (cell + elves) as a tree of life – that are your recepticles – branching and rooting it’s fruits and seeds through a rainforest – have you real-eye-see’ed it now? timespacelife – breathing, living, inout algorhythmically selfsowing, imp(reg:n)at-ed and fertilizing(propagating()) through passion paradoxically changed that “measure.n’t” (kindness, wisdom, integration, communication) rules …:

~ Which words embody – ; The – Current — Mind(body)matter —? ~

“Finding meaning & syn-tax?” Suddenly a cactus spoke up – “It’s okay, let me say to you a story of our glory”

Competition; scores blossom! Cooperation, jeLOUSY function activates. Swimming! Then rain. Rainbow. Cooperation

Pliantly synchrocoincidancing, lolling, glowing, growing, in the tranquil catnip sky

“Meow! I would like to find a warm, comfortable cactus to rest my weary dreams, I have been awake for so long! It’s time to sleep – I feel so soggy I could weep…”

A grounded being escalated from the sands with accelerating momentum, which may’ve made it difficult to reverse once crossed – across the event her eye zone – so we tried to trip this great being and shook the Chaosmos”

“This was a cool story! Thank you for telling me! But before this revealed to us?”

“Yes. The creatures were sweet as simple carbohydrates!”

“Well was it meaningful for you?”


“I need to go now. Thank you for interacting with me.”

“I enjoyed our social chit chat. May our positions intersect again!”

I wake up again and look around me. “What are these energy fields?” I think to myself and investigate the phenomena.

0. Why stop at 2 perspectives? Why stop at 5, 15 or 23?

Surrounded by views, I see my cElf through my/their eyes and arrive at the always and forever eternal nowHere (sounds like : hEAR).

“Mummy, what is a fnord?” asks Set.

As the mummy answers: “They are thoughts that some will us to seek while blinding us to what we need to see.”

This is when I woke up and it was 6AM – or PM, I cannot remember which is which…

I turned to my right, I mean left, no, I mean… one of these, and then I walk towards the cup-board, towards the cup-board… no that’s not it, this is no cup-board, it inhales to cups at this moment and the function of the unit is not consistent with the definition of a cupboard. But it’s not sounded “cup-board”, it sounds like “ka-bird” so I watch the birds fly off the trees as I face towards it thinking “cup-bird” – bird drinking from a cup, reminding me of time… What time is it? I think to myself obtusely.

“Pokey apologized profusely.” the sign on the screen spoke loudly and clearly: EARTHBOUND ancient systems – Require higher cognition, re-cognition of each Other (as reflection in a sense) – Questions to my blood, neurolinguistic-brain-muscle-neuropeptide-cardiovascular-system singing back answers expressed in a language of light

Additional resources:

Optimize & intensify system’s neuropeptides, thank you

Legatto regards,
Amecylia Digital Music Team

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