Mass Psychology of Fascism by Wilhelm Reich

Wilhelm Reich Quotes from “The Mass Psychology of Fascism” & etc.,

“Love, work and knowledge are the well-springs of our life. They should also govern it.” Wilhelm Reich
“Fascism is not a political party but a specific Weltanschauung and a specific attitude toward people, toward love and work.” Wilhelm Reich
“When a “proletarian” general covers his chest with medals, on both sides, and from the shoulders to the belt, he demonstrates “the little man” trying to outdo the “real” great general.” Wilhelm Reich
“It is the mechanistic-mystical character of man in our times which creates fascist parties, and not vice versa.” Wilhelm Reich
“The socialization of the means of production will not be possible until the masses of the working people become structurally capable of administering it, that is, not until they are conscious of their responsibility” Wilhelm Reich
“One cannot make the Fascist harmless if one does not look for him in oneself.” Wilhelm Reich
“Clearly, international fascism will never be vanquished by political manouvres. It can only be vanquished by the natural organization of work, love and knowledge on an international scale.” Wilhelm Reich


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Composed by AMECYLIA
Composed by AMECYLIA

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