Composed by AMECYLIA

Wave Feminineism

/* COSMIC TRIGGER WARNING: Enter at risk of satire of fiction */

A quasi-postmodern deconstruction of gender gap in light of cult appropriation

Why wave feminist shadow? I arise within future probabilities, fan-see my-cell-f as a chaos micro phone attractor . Original & Final Kant. Femininity within expression and knowledge.

Our current society is marked by over 9000 years experience in superstitious hogwash development. As with the fall of Atlantis. Brainwashed into feeling “skin-encapsulated ego”. Suffering from third-eye blindness. Participated in petty squabbling. Theory of mind. Forgetting how to dream, forgoing Diem Tea. Remember how to “astral travel”,

The war on the occult and the esoteric can be seen manifest, in part, via this “war on femininity” – because females give birth (which is a boundary-dissolving experience), and because the female orgasm allows for release of much dopamine (which can allow for interesting states) (French term “la petite mort” means “little death”) – some power-hungry fur-less apes decided to snip weenies, snip females, instil fear and neuroticism around sex, etc., (for more information, read “Mass Psychology of Fascism” by Wilhelm Reich)

So, terms such as “feminist” and “masculinist” are not useful now-here any-more, they are us-them-ing and confusing-detracting from the issue – so let’s drop them from our vocabulary

Women are different than men – while we may fall on a spectrum, both genders are unique

Here is an Earth story:

*Female hominid has orgasm and realizes Cosmic-Consciousness / knows death. After the experience, she says “Hey, you should check this out! You can get similar experience also by activating certain parts of the spin-brain system!”

This was fine… until one day, a fur-less ape got an idea…

“I am the Ruler! And I have an ‘I am’ that talks to me personally and tells me to hit people!”

So others speak back “This is not very nice. You should not bite, kick, or hit others!”

“Who are you to tell me? I have a voice talking directly to me! It says if you do not obey me, you will die and the death is a great unknown and you will go to an inconvenient place. But if you obey, you will go to an optimal place. For ever and ever – pure and eternal!”

The hominids did not believe this to be legit at first, but at some stage the psychedelics dried up and they forgot… Now they started buying into this rhetoric…

“Look! I am stronger and taller than you! Obey me! I got this power from the voices in my head! If you do not obey, you will go to the pile of eternal evil. IF you obey, you will go to the pure eternal good in a heavenly realm.”

This time, the hominids almost bought into it “Hmm… you do have a point. You are strong, so maybe we should err on the side of caution…”

Until one day, a female had an interesting experience “I had an orgasm, and I became the Cosmos – lived for billions of years, saw death and birth – I feel sceptical about this alpha hominid’s claim!” – we can wake our spine and maybe have some of this acacia tree extract that the alpha said will kill us.

So they found an acacia tree and tried some tea and had an interesting experience.

“Well, we felt like we ‘died’ and were reborn – it was quite a trip! But now we feel sceptical about the alpha hominid’s claims – we believe that it may be deceiving others…”

So the alpha hominid jumped out from behind the bushes and screeched at them to leave the territory and they became refugees…

The long awaited return of the Cosmic Mother – union of complimentary opposites and ceasing swinging pendulum of polarities (reactionary rage reforming) eye-opening gaze of single eye sleep-awakenings through dream egg cracking, see weed roots (self-ish-ness) uprooted, heart bleeding, thorns healing – death acceptance and boundary dissolution

Chaos and rEvolution

Thank you for reading : soften, gentle, gradually

Wishing Well to All DNA (excluding NONE)


Composed by AMECYLIA
Composed by AMECYLIA

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