Tailes of Ascending Daemon$

And in the beginning, eye felt a spark of selfish (self-fish) – and the spark ignited a chain reaction, an avalanche, tumbling down upon me like a blizzard of snowy electrifying thunder

I trembled in fear for a moment aware of what the “I” had done and a moment later, I seemed to forget, and thus becoming unredeemable stumbled and dithered about

Not one moment past and the future cohered in such a way as to yield an inescapable harvest: a dangerous maze from within which I knew not how to escape for I had forgotten I was lost, forgotten I was blind

And further away I went, building more doings, wavering all-ways, failing to recognize The Great Love that I left behind

Seeking comfort like a dolt I strayed into an abyss of envy, competition, judgement and lust

Now-here a blind fool, using The All like a tool, not knowing who to trust

Without knowing my-self any more, I hid my shame within the chaos – a dark shadow cast up on the star cells of dancing dust

Eye sought again, again for gain – shattered, scattered through(in)out googols

Inklings of light down the narrow path…

/* NOTE: Trigger warning! Draft version of notes for the basis of a story about a life ad-venture of a kitten who through tears of trauma clouded it’s heart-eye-mind’s mitten not accurate, gets mistakes, etc */

From the wilderness, a tunnel of light appeared, through which by everegeneration

Birthing / Creating / Healing

Nursing / Feeding

Growing / Giving

Learning / Teaching

Language & Symbol

“Trauma, and no escape from existdance?” said the voice within the darkness, DNA itching to return to int-etchings (from integral, internet, initd, etc.,)

“Why should I be? Can I quiet if I sit still? If indeed this goes for ever, can I dive it into the depths of desecration and destruction? Will it rise again – as something other-than, or better than?”

I observed and received, thought and conceived of a point of contention within an implementation of this nowhere creation – my in-tension being a playful lack of pretension

Result? Hopefully contemplation!

“Move the world anew with autoregenrative devotion, breathe us all (puns with soul) with harmonious e-motion” ~ Lungs

Apprehanding meaningful understanding gradually longing for the darklight

Feeling an impulse to strike but paused and reflected what is this sensation? I wanted to get to know it and revere in it’s mite’s might (($)tick(Y/ing))

Willing to fall and fall again – to experience these pentafolds – noting of which is beyond conventional methods of notation (though resonate within spells spilling through texture and pranayama unknowable by computational means)

Prana-yama (breath) – prana (energy) mouth (yama) – spirit soul

Having enough, will to reunite, reignited – everlasting union neverlasting – breast e-merged from rejected dephs – almost as if not-me, splitting. At least I do now know how it bees – through sweet tastes of bronchial trees

“Thank-you mOther, I will go fa(r)Ther(e)” (EMR)

M F & $energy (synergy, snake, energy, gene, creation)

Bonding / attachment (broken with family / parents / for life / generations) – relationships / love which is supposed to add meaning, break bonds from parents, and add closeness and bond with an other, instead damages nervous system so as to disable attachment

Ana\g/ram for LovingKindness ^6^Carbon

Cars Dup on tHemp CatAstroPhi

Alive with life

~ ♡☆ Me, ow!

As a starAngle

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