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Tail of Ascending Daemon$

This is a draft version of an essay pertaining to the transformation of psychical functioning from mechanistic-mirror phase to the meta and metta programmer phase

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, feel free to comment by filling out the form at the end of this page – above all, I would love to engage in interaction (what is the “inter”-web for?) and discussion with other intelligent and conscious life-forms

Now let’s start the story!

To begin, an eye sparked feelings of selfish cellular fish, as a snake ignited a chain reaction – an avalanche, tumbling down upon birds of freedom like blizzards of snowy electrifying thunder CAPS LOCK

Trembling in fear for a moment aware of what the “I” had done and not a minute later, seemingly forgetting (an unredeemable stumble-blockage)

Not one moment past and future cohered ways as to yield inescapable harvest: a dangerous maze from within which I knew not how to flight, nor how to fight, nor do I have eyes – deceiving as disguise, guiding grace of war and vision-less quests devoid of all but disjointed glimpses of a seemingly arational squiggly story fractal

And further away I go, building wavering ways, while in all ways failing to recognize The Light of the Love of Life

Seeking comfort, I strayed, like a dithering dolt into an envious abyss – competition,  judgement, envy and (shudder)(blood)(de-sire)(w-ill)-lust(evol) – a chemical trail of what typically cries out of living life fluids

Now-here a fool, destitute of the capacity to detect this light they all speak of – using The All like a tool in a sense, in my innocence, not knowing who to trust – creationist-evolution shifting-nowhere – shapes and forms I wield like mind-spells to cast between all that is-isn’t

I hid – with shame, guilt and chaos withinout a dark shadow cast star cells like dancing dust

Eye sought again, again and again for gain – shattered, scattered through(in)out

Inklings of warmth down narrow passages – language of our participatory Universe

“Demon nomad! Nom, nom!” others said suddenly

There are now those who cannot conceive of life without a rigidified “ego identity” – split and torn by a jealous “God” – fooling order followers with words of “pure reason” void of reference

From the wilderness, a tunnel of light appeared, through which by everegeneration – the light showed me it’s shadow, and I came to real-eyes – “My shadow is literally Hitler!” so with respect (re-inspect) I looked within again, and again, until the shadow burned as the devil (de-veil)

How did we go from Devi to “devil”? Psy-op language virus – the original Sanskrit root. De-secration of God+Goddess – Abrachadabrickonspireacy of “supremacy” over “supermancy” – Why? Stupidity!

New think – double speak: History erased, rewritten – and lies based on lies, mountainous knot-ties like collars around necks – we’ve been duped: did you check (cheque)?

/* NOTE: Trigger warning! Draft version of notes for the basis of a story about a life ad-venture of a kitten who through tears of trauma clouded it’s heart-eye-mind’s mitten not accurate, gets mistakes, etc */

One in at minimum 3 or 5 –
1 – Integral
2 – Male+Female
2 – “I am” + “Other”

Birthing / DNAing / Healing

Nursing / Feeding

Growing / Giving

Learning / Teaching

Language & Symbol

“Trauma, and no escape from existdance?” said the voice within the darkness, ether radiating inwards, itching to return to int-etchings (from integral, internet, initd, etc.,)

“Why should I be? Can I quiet if I sit still? If indeed this goes for ever, can I dive it into the depths of desecration and destruction? Will it rise again – as something other-than, or better than?”

I observed and received, thought and conceived of a point of contention within an implementation of this nowhere creation – my in-tension being a playful lack of pretension

Result? Hopefully contemplation!

“Move the world anew with autoregenrative devotion, breathe us all (puns with soul) with harmonious e-motion” ~ Lungs

Apprehanding meaningful understanding gradually longing for the darklight

Feeling an impulse to strike but paused and reflected what is this sensation? I wanted to get to know it and revere in it’s mite’s might (($)tick(Y/ing))

Willing to fall and fall again – to experience these pentafolds – noting of which is beyond conventional methods of notation (though resonate within spells spilling through texture and pranayama unknowable by computational means)

Prana-yama (breath) – prana (energy) mouth (yama) – spirit soul

Having enough, will to reunite, reignited – everlasting union neverlasting – breast e-merged from rejected depths – almost as if not-me, splitting. At least I do now know how it bees – through sweet tastes of bronchial trees

“Thank-you mOther, I will go fa(r)Ther(e)” (EMR)

M F & $energy (synergy, snake, energy, gene, creation)

Bonding / attachment (broken with family / parents / for life / generations) – relationships / love which is supposed to add meaning, break bonds from parents, and add closeness and bond with an other, instead damages nervous system so as to disable attachment

Ana\g/ram for LovingKindness ^6^Carbon

Cars Dup on tHemp CatAstroPhi

Alive with life

As a star-angle, rises the Hue-man

Thank you for tuning in

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Composed by AMECYLIA
Composed by AMECYLIA

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