"Eye Focus" geometric pattern mandala from AMECYLIA

A Love Story

Imagined wind-up machine-(c)elves scuttle and scatter, begin to matter – death and life with love!

Following the fall, owed karmic Judge looking for a way back – yay hack – not unjust (from unjustified, etc.,) indolence, but tautologically sedulous pert in a city

Wellspring of creativity is a wound that does not heal, a hole that doesn’t fill, whole other way to feel

We grow within a culture that surrounds Love and Sex with a lot of psychic energy. Most of us reach adulthood with a lot of knowledge and an intuitive feel for “occult” traditions, myths, legends, sacredness, cosmic union. This is used by the humans to increase the so-called “placebo” effect of the experience when it finally happens.

Increased creative productivity. Poetic/word output. “Event of a extra-cosmic scale”. “All life fulfilled”. Rapid progress made in manifesting sexual fantasies. Over the span of about 2-3 years, highly interesting subjective phenomena occurs. Projected needed to be aborted due to circumstances not conducive to orgasm. It seems that inter-human sync is possible with right partner.

“And I think this is what our evolution is: to free ourselves from compulsions.” ~ Arthur M Young

Short Story: “A Love Story (A Visit To Earth)”

Once I wondered through cosmic seas, in search of a vessel to carry me – into a land of life and rivers green. Lots of animals greeted me, and the world grew water and fruit for me to enjoy while birds blissfully whistling songs, provide manure for plants to unfold.

Alight for so long, I think my cells embodying I ask, “What games to play?” Thought streams like lightning once set on course deliver ripples through matter in various, multi-dimensional ways. “Games for brain-muscle, heart-mind and breathing. And various inter-human games. Memory, as I see myself in a hall of mirrors, I think ‘zapomnij’, so I remember. DNA.”

Standing within the multi-thousand year hall, what I see now, you can see. I go out to find a body to share this view with me and I find two or three, maybe 5 or 8 through the time space on Earth.

“What can I choose? Thought will sway either way, win or lose: non-zero sum.”

Thank you for tuning in – let the light of love of life lead our way

Divine re-cognitions,
Amecylia Music

“Eye Focus” geometric pattern mandala by Amecylia

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