“Eye Sea” Pt # 2 Meaning

These are journals about my “trips and journeys” – I Am writing these here in hope of thought-interchange in my search for cosmic intelliGENEce – creativity, imagination, heART-mindbody system.

“Thinking is a two way process”

“Who thought that?”~ YourName

“Logos.” ~ Logos

“Don’t confuse archetypal ideas with ‘your-self’.”  ~ J B Peterson

You can enjoy the above track while reading this page, thank you

Returning to the territory of deep, layered meaning…

Dream-Me Trip: “Wings of Butterfly”

Details glide across moments like glass kaleidoscope mirrors reflecting light refracted and scattered, melting while non-finitely slowing down. Consciousness over-view coming into view, reveals the secrets hidden in plane sight.

Thank you for tuning in


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