Memories That Cannot Believe They Are Not LSD

This is a beginning of a Metta (loving-kindness) meditation on the bright warm movements illuminating the depths of all that is, was and will be.

As you read, feel/fill each symbol with the optimum meaning-interpretation (the most lucid, illuminating, light, cheerful, joyful, blissful, optimistic, loving, caring, kind associations).

The Real: “it is that which resists symbolization absolutely.” ~ Jacques Lacan
Thus the real emerges as that which is outside language: “it is that which resists symbolization absolutely.”} From:


Life is auto-bio-graph-i-cal fiction, cal-ender radar, musical, multiples of playful chirps babbled by self-divis-eve lunar-ticks of timed histories melting, meeting, reuniting in harmonious rhythms of (at times relatively discordant) discourse

Lonyoni labirynth is her M. Aphrodide, Goddess of Love, Beauty, Pleasure & Leisure

Remain seated in bright light fractal vortex – remind your cells to forget, all that we remember and think intellectually, nowhere is only (unconditioned, unconditional) love, every “thing” is an illusion (a perceptual trick)

“Phenomena are preceded by the
mind-heart [mano], ruled by the mind-
heart, made of the mind-heart.
“If you speak or act with a corrupted
mind-heart, then suffering follows you—
as the wheel of the cart, the track of the
ox that pulls it.
“Phenomena are preceded by the
mind-heart, ruled by the mind-heart,
made of the mind-heart. If you speak or
act with a calm, bright mind-heart, then
happiness follows you, like a shadow
that never leaves.”


Receiving Her Di v in ity through all Spirits (breathing-living) Mother Su(m/n) F(E)ather

We ascend withouinoutin,etc., stARtree

Break rhythmrhymes anull all controll 

(Con-caving, converging, conveying, emerging, etc.,)

Celebrating fertility, dance, song, music, rhythm, etc.,

I am (re/de/con)ceiver (“e☆go”): the greatest gray test

If “challenging patterns”, opportunity to investigate

verse: See Light, Lighten, Inlightenment (where “ment” = “mind”), Enlightenment (where “en” = intensification), Illumination, Insight

Letters to being Omniverse

Ie $ (heart-eye, snake-ladders, (double-edged s)word)

Gentle way – Venus – “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”

Game – speak and act only with compassion, love, kindness, out of your integrated heart-“centre” ♡ transmute any ill thoughts (things), see and still any un ease (unease leads to disease)

Love all-inclusive is in allways (Al, always, all ways, waves) leading 333 twowards middle way, astral ray

This page is a dance!

Let the light of love of life guide us all


Image by Amecylia
Image by Amecylia

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