Image by Amecylia

We cannot beLIEve we are not LSD

This is a beginning of a Metta (loving-kindness) meditation on the bright warm movements illuminating the depths of all that is, was and will be.

As you read, feel/fill each symbol with the optimum meaning-interpretation (the most lucid, illuminating, light, cheerful, joyful, blissful, optimistic, loving, caring, kind associations).

The Real: “it is that which resists symbolization absolutely.” ~ Jacques Lacan
Thus the real emerges as that which is outside language: “it is that which resists symbolization absolutely.”} From:


Life is auto-bio-graph-i-cal fiction, cal-ender radar, musical, multiples of playful chirps babbled by self-divis-eve lunar-ticks of timed histories melting, meeting, reuniting in harmonious rhythms of (at times relatively discordant) discourse

Lonyoni labirynth is her M. Aphrodide, Goddess of Love, Beauty, Pleasure & Leisure

Remain seated in bright light fractal vortex – remind your cells to forget, all that we remember and think intellectually, nowhere is only (unconditioned, unconditional) love, every “thing” is an illusion (a perceptual trick)

Receiving Her Di v in ity through all Spirits (breathing-living) Mother Su(m/n) F(E)ather

We ascend withouinoutin,etc., stARtree

Break rhythmrhymes anull all controll 

(Con-caving, converging, conveying, emerging, etc.,)

Celebrating fertility, dance, song, music, rhythm, etc.,

I am (re/de/con)ceiver (“e☆go”): the greatest gray test

If “challenging patterns”, opportunity to investigate

verse: See Light, Lighten, Inlightenment (where “ment” = “mind”), Enlightenment (where “en” = intensification), Illumination, Insight

Letters to being Omniverse

Ie $ (heart-eye, snake-ladders, (double-edged s)word)

Gentle way – Venus – “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”

Game – speak and act only with compassion, love, kindness, out of your integrated heart-“centre” ♡ transmute any ill thoughts (things), see and still any un ease (unease leads to disease)

Love all-inclusive is in allways (Al, always, all ways, waves) leading 333 twowards middle way, astral ray

This page is a dance!

Let the light of love of life guide us all


Image by Amecylia
Image by Amecylia

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