"Welcome to our participatory Universe" AMECYLIA

Kundalini Cells Call IlluminateUS

The point of interaction of the two distinct modes of viewing bridged the gap betwixt pages of live fiction

Through interstanding = meaning is sparked ~

“Without dreaming, reality becomes a nightmare” ~ John Caputo

Omniscient and omnipresent, omnipotent and aliefve – nothing intersecting nowhere

Desire calls back anew (reflected withinout (dis)torsion) if and while uninterrupted by the tunes of inter/intra-cellular chit-chat unless warped and fettered by the bounds of boring and self-limiting beliefs

Imagination, out with the shackles of displeasing dispair! signals by symbols weaved with meaning and flair – arise from ashes of cremated remains, of lives and loves lost

Disruptive and deconstructive dissolving constricting discourse of post-tragedy post-humorous hilaritas

Composed by AMECYLIA
Composed by AMECYLIA

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