Image composed by AMECYLIA

Alchemical Keys

Stay with your challenges and keep transmuting:

Pain into compassion; Anxiety into laughter.

Finding treasures in misfortunes, hidden beneath the surface.

(Sift that which is worth living for) from the tragedy

Transmuting bringing (t)fear out in to courage

Misdirected-misviewed energy can manifest as unoptimal per for(0)mance

Pride out in to humility, dignity, humanity

With Wisdom and Understanding

T-R4age out in to for Giveness and GrAce (gra (game/playing a game in Polish))

AlChaeomics (comedia, chomnik, Chomsky, economics, dynamical systems, discord, etc.,)

Alfred Korzybski ” Science and Sanity” e-prime (transmute “is of identity” to “seems to me at this time” / “I suspect, given my current understanding)

Al Che MeW!NewYou

(Chomik = hamster in Polish)

Pride into humility when you realize fear stems from masked pride

Lack of meaning into rainbow tunnels of storehouses of ever-unfolding stories

Dr T Leary recommends about 1 epipheny per minute as a rhythm of functioning
Cast spells with loving care of the middle ways

~ ☆ Diem Tea


Image composed by AMECYLIA
Image composed by AMECYLIA

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