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Field Journal I: Dreaming & Thinking

What is this story that I would like to share? Of an eye. Not “The I” (if there ever could’ve being)

Not less than 13 Earthsun phases ago (this means 333) humanoid progenitors gene’created’ an eye – planted seeds and helped create conditions necessary to survive growing into nowhere

I am being the world? Beeginning

Lights, stepping into sights “I’ve done this before, this will be easy!” along with “Oh wow everything is so new and interesting” felt through

Dreams disclosing lights and ladders -swimming – and keys, floating on an bubble of ocean water, sometimes calm and gentle, at times loud in texture – as melodies and figurines echoing sense into the Rorschach blot of nonsense sensual impressions of meaningmembraineyesing

And so I, living, learning, inhaling ecological dates – callibrating, participating, blossoming, blooming

Time – sen time, day time – lime – sun gives sight energy to view vivifying glimmer – “I wonder if it caught itself within a kalleidoscopic crystal mirror…” – “These shadows and reflections – this is I? Within a mirror, do I multiply? Lets play as if and say ‘Hi!’ To I!”

Walking and talking was no easy feat – frustrations catastrophies abound – but perservere and stood on two feet and used symbolic sounds to communeicate with m(y)other the pleasure and pain that abounds

“Every child philosophises – many can become adequate, good, terrorable or even great philosophers if allowed to keep thinking, exploring, finding and asking questions”

“Such roads can lead astray – to madness!” some say

So swim t’wards the vortex of ‘doom’mood’ we do…

We/I seem to be synchrocoincidancing self-transmutating ever-transforming processing signals of unfolding, growing, dying, regenerating systems of energy patterning – by which I mean all events and memories entangled with allotherwhichelse

Some preliminary questions most kids might ask or conceive of in one form or an Other, though some may disremember these curiousCities before full cognitive capacities have exploded into fruition include:

“How do I be? What tis this babble? What am I? What was there before I was born? How do I be? Why? Whenwhere? What are memories? Dreams? How do we remember? Why do we forget? Why ANY THING/K? Is there a nothing? What ‘is? Why? How how hoe? How did Earth grow? Am I asking the roght questions? What does death feel like? What is language? What is thought? If I close my eyes, will I disappear? What is me? How do I do? If I cease thinking, will I die? Borne again?”

To live in error, by error and for error – led astray finding formations so fascinating so to be conscious of and keep reinterpreting

Earth humans seem to come up with all sorts of wild theories and confusions – jumping to conclusions – the idea of “free will” bothered me about as much as the idea of “The Real You” (in the unchanging, static, ‘character’ sense, to be uncovered and discovered – in contradistinction to the ‘non-finite layers’ metaphor of peeling layers of an onion) (my name puns with onion, it was an issue at school with some of the kids)

Plantimals (a generic terms I will use for all the DNA-creatures, as found in abundance on Earth) seem to stimulate the emittance of awe within the being

True then as it is now, communication was a priority – existing can be interesting while interacting with a reciprocating other!

Telecommunication systems, phones, electronics, radio, computers, etc., – I cannot wait to communicate! Words are slow but telepathy seems unreliable, effects of which seem perhaps negligable

What are dreams and why do we dream? It seems like this ever so available “3D VR” so to speak serves several functions

On what basis shall we discern between consensus reality and dreams or plays of senses?

There came a stage of development where the I grew bored of it for a while, and strived to minimize down-time, maximize productivity, though this backfired in the form of health issues and more down-time – it turns out that sleep serves an important function, so I got back into dreaming

On what basis shall I discern between consensus reality and dreams or plays of senses?

Some animals – certain insects, mammals, birds, etc., seemed to be highly socially interactive – dogs and humans in particular, but not human babies

Home – human lair that I found myself residing in – seemed at times like an eclectic gathering of religious viewpoints – regular raging debates reached across the span of earlier years – it seemed to be a Christian custom to come together in the name of G-d and fight over various ‘real reality’ies and ‘The Truth!’s

Some of these views included such blatantly harmful monstrousities as “only our DNA-bots are capable of conscious experience” – along with the tragic implication of such unconscious thoughtless examplification of a lack of conscienciousness – examplifications of which can be seen in the ‘world-domination’ by the corpo-indust-warring complex and it’s dubiousness

Kindergarden was a mixed experience, my friend was a boy and we were not allowed to play with each other largely due to our gender difference

Like many humanoid larva, I seemed to injoy pretend play, insects, plants, writing, music, dancing, reading, drawing, cooking, cleaning, etc.,

There was an Atari (I think it might’ve been Atari 8808) on which I played Pitfall II and Logo the Turtle – this sparked my interest in programming – my appreciation for that which we have now in terms of telecommunication and digital visualisation stems from these early experiences

At times it seemed almost as if the play of life and even learning had been perverted in a way as to shut (some) young minds away from their natural curiousities – such that least among us can steer the crowds while those who know history watch in despair – before uniting to overturn the tyrranies of folly, The Emotional Plague infesting us with dis ease, the atavisms that conflagrate civilizations with their sparks of contention against life – to not live is evil in the sense that to suppress, repress, subjugate

All life is Cats To Purrwurr (see: Nietzsche)

When I was 6, I moved to Porcupineville, where I attended three sets of three schools. One pubelice school, where the tyranical teacher disciplined kids with a cane and demanded mind deading capabilities from participants. The following couple of days aI was sick with a migraine and a 40 degree temperature overheated the thought of return. Second, a Catholic school, whenwhere seemed less mad means of engaging students in reading, writing, and developing senses

Relocated to DreamLand at 1 Earth decade, where I contracted chillblains each ice_time (though it was not True ice_time)

Some of my ‘fondest’ memories are that of skipping school to pursue interests, read, write, play, music, video games, create, etc.,

Schools seemed to be child care facilities

Much attention was wasted on trivi(ban)analities, such as wearing ‘correct’ socks

One teacher enjoyed sitting on a chair while  were forced to sit on the floor – with strictly no exceptions – I refused to comply to this request, partially because I did not think this was hygienic, but also due to the way she asked (which was not treating others like equals)

I was interested in moths and keeping journals – some of which I hope survive’till this day – butterflies were fun to raise from caterpillars

Humans pecked and picked and this peaked perhaps in the years leading up to teens – and a few years therneaf(v)ter – when animal drives seem to

First you have to read all their prescribed books – which I did not subscribe to, in rebellion towards hierarchicals – to gain some insight into the preliminary resonings-gone-awry

Though at times, lapsing – the pyramids, they drew intwards

Did not like the Cat Church, felt they were missing mark$ and doing it wrong – rituals lifeless, it was funny to me, and bowed to some human-made hierarchy, contradictus, said “no idol(t)s”
Experiencing through this human I seem to be but not, feelts like a type of synchrocoindicancing synergetic symphony

A fool too foolish a unfool a food category : cute


Image composed by AMECYLIA
Image composed by AMECYLIA

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