Lucid Living

ReBirthing Time (notes + sound effects):

Inter-n(o)(ns)c(i)ence of heartmind withinout maps of meaning says

“It’s time to put the pieces together”

Religions seem to be occulted Goddess/God (Female+Male (creation-(re)generation)) “war-ship” – when viewed from a wholistic angle nowhere…

Sword and flame

Ishtar –

All collectivelly human – EXCLUDING NONE – our Power grows and glows

Engendered beyond gender, beyond judgement (therefore beyond “good” and “evil”) where the pendulums spectrumfractonate harmoneously, gliding spaghetti rainbowsound ringing – serpent prophets gently guiding communing and gliding

Nescience is not ignore-ance (ants), softness is strength against stagnation

“As withinout, so withoutin”

What do we seem to be? States of intermittent awakening? Explorations of imagiNations? Phantasies and fascinations? Transmutations and transformations? Revoluting? (Revolve, evolve, revolt, revel, reveal)

Welcome Generation Geneisis!

“Love let that be that guides you” (Psymphonia)

[Love and let things be, let them guide you, but don’t cling, just touch and let go

Clinging in StagNation leads to dis ease

Dis ease can bring to fear along with it’s many concealed prides and vanities

“All vanity is atavism” ~ Nietzsche

Fear is unoptimized disequillibriated malfunctioning mindbodyeco (ecology, echo, etc.,), etc.,]

Love (relaxation, communion, letting go of fear (which can show as anger, sadness, pride, envy, glutinousness, lust ; vanity)) : a negation of psycho(A)logical, interpersonal cancer 

“Alchemy 101 : Keep transmuting with softness – pain into compassion, fear into courage, anxiety into

Healthy happy cells – corelative

Love is an act of faith – a service to others free from sleazy superstitions

The Twonenesses of All

0 2 3 5   8 OR 10

F(Th)irst this, then nowhere

Dreaming auto-awakening itself – death, communioncating biographies of the (r)evereprese(r(e)pent)nt 

MeNeScience of Evden 

Genedar out of the lamp

Inter-Whole-Lightheartedly laughing

♡ ☆

Dreaming alake

Fin(./n) against wake

(Joes:; finished, Finnegans Wake, Finn and Jake, attention tp detail)

^ ?


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