Love as Exploration of Transformation

Amecylia – InVocation – 2 – Love Exploration TransFormation

Deeper inner transformutation is not a trivial adventure, and by easily failing, we are given the opportunity to develop additional layers of humanity

Compassion for us entang(o/l)ed fellow daemons, interparticipating in the cutting-edge currents of (dis)similar, different and distinct rEvolutions

Roots, deeply embedded in mis(sed)takes nourish creativity (create I vitality/vision)

Genuine error unveils insight 

Love lightens (the) lived with layers of real-eyes‘d meanings

With care, awareness, authenticity, we gradually radiate the freeing of our psyche-collective from the dis-eases of tension: pretension, affectation

Enigmatically alogical, vague and intuitive – guilessly receptive to uninstructable instrumentations – phingeining (sphinx) to sincere unhabituated spontenouity – loitering about unhabituated ecological habitats

Waron – Dis Is is T err a /or ! 0-23937

Love – ineffable flame enkindled: igniting, incinerating, interpenetrating, re(k)newing

Turning to ashes all those who st(r)ay afraid, and rejouvenating the daring-unwavering

We love fully only when unafraid to lose – to love is always to lose, not to gain – to love to gain is to foresake the sacred

Love softens and negates, takes and gives the courage to ballance on the brink of a double-edged sword

Flick cut end fell


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