Join us now and share your passions

Us humans have reached the Trumpocalyptic stage of The rEvelutians (revolution-revelations – also sounds like ‘Martians’etc, which brings me to another topic, we figured out that these “aliens” are entangled and share an over-soul or “The Chaosmic Christ consciousness” phenomena of the Love frequency)

Fear is an atavism

“All vanity is atavism” ~ Nietzsche

If you want to edit these words for legibility OR correctness, do

Strictly Copyleft – ALL WRONGS REVERSED

In all action and thought, let Love guide you – as this mode of functioning becomes your being, you will be faced with a lot of opportunities to edit out the deprecated code (atavistic language /neurolinguistic habits)… we persist through the errors (pains, insanities, etc.,) – always letting Love (fire of life) guide us (this is our comfort and protection from the bodies multi-generational traumas)

The Old New and Final religion is The Endless rEvolution of Love – kindness, compassion, intelligence increase, omni-present connectedness, sangha

End to all loneliness, addiction, etc.,

End to the stupenduous amount of suffering inflicted by bestial ignorance of the savage race-culture-character of our dinosaur ancestors

Lets look back at ourselves as having been undergoing a set of changes – collectivelly as The Great Earth Global Culture – we made it!

But as of writing this, there seems to still be malware…
Let’s troubleshoot! ♡☆ ^_^

Make friends and reunite with outin our The Unconscious… particularly our Shadow

The change needs Initiation (from the human instruments)

initd ()

Learn to use our nervous systems

How we make others feel and what meaning we contribute to each Other is this which matters – communicating soult-to-soul, brain-to-brain, with every body is of highest value

ALL beings deserve to live with dignity and comfort

We the humans/humanoids have the power to heal The Garden Of Eden – and make it a beautiful, healthy, blooming planet again

Without slavery, factory schooling/farming, etc.,

With no (temptation) – fear!raef (insecurity, wanting to cling, addiction, sticky notes, repeating loops and redundant cycles, hoarding, nemesising, etc.,)

Lets free The Art($) (note how this looks like S snake, kundalini, and also an eye, view, trap, etc.,)

Let’s play – music ^_~ ☆♡

Universe is G-d is YHVH is Male&FeMale creative energy – Orgone or… gone?

Let’s be STRONG for each Other – to nurture and cultivate our beautiful planet

WE WILL delete the hurts – no thought

Cells that fire together, wire together

Through lack of association, old systems decrease

If not stimulated, or if “disconnected”, the system tends towards decrease of intensity and interconnectivity

Lets allow ourselves to receive the Divine Gift of Creativity and MAKE EARTH BEAUTIFUL AGAIN (aesthetics, artfull, meaningul, abundant, green, blue, colourful)

Techno-logy at it’s finest

We need to get our brains up to speed with the upcoming rEvolutions

Thank you for being in our participatory Universe!

Wishing Well! ^_^ (How many meanings can you find?)

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